Anonymous How old are you? :) 

I’m 15 and I will be 16 on 21.July x

Anonymous How did you get so thin?._. I work out so much to the point where my legs are numb and my stomach is tied in knots, so please don't say work out, are there other ways you lose weight?.___. Sorry if I sound rude I don't mean to, please help .--. 

Eat healthy
Drink water
Don’t OVER exercise
You body needs to get some rest.

Also ppl don’t give up if you don’t see result right away or if you see that your weight goes down and one point goes a bit up again. It’s totally normal!! You can’t expect everything to be perfect. There will be low points but you just have to keep going. :))) xx

Anonymous How tall are you? 

Shorty :) x

lostbrokenwonderlander Did u know I love u? :) 

Did u know I love u too? :)